BREATHE – Meditation with John Ortiz

This weeks meditation comes in two parts. Part one is a soft guided meditation through rhythmic breathing to help activate parts of the brain and establish a link to the body. The 2nd part – Namaste meditation – is for identification and elimination of distraction.  Accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls and a special treat of … Continue Reading

Joy Comes In The Morning

Birds chirping woke me up before day break. These days it’s my favorite part of the day. All the little birdies chirping in the trees, signaling that night is done and a new day dawns. I can’t remember the last time I appreciated daybreak this much. After tossing and turning for most the night, it’s … Continue Reading

NOISE vs. SOUND – Meditation with John Ortiz

What is the difference between noise and sound? How do we distinguish between what distracts and what soothes? John gives us an easy lesson in understanding the difference and making space for sound in our lives. Expect quite a few appearances from his sound bowls on this track (best listened to with headphones). “Noise vs. … Continue Reading

apr/may 2020 – Late Bloom

We love this nod to old school so much. A 14 song reminder that no matter how much a song is “sampled”, there’s nothing like the real thing.  

LOOKING FOR LOVE – Meditation with John Ortiz

“Looking for Love In All The Wrong Places” is more than a song lyric, more than an age old adage, it’s this week’s mantra. Love is there to be found. Love is there to be felt. But sometimes love can become lost. It is on us to remember. It is in us to remind ourselves, … Continue Reading