Sometimes I can’t tell what I hate more about my years of alcohol addiction. The years wasted or the fat tire around my waste that remains. It’s hard to say, because this stomach of mine gives me the absolute blues. I’ve tried exercise, personal trainers, dieting and just ugh. Nothing has given me the results I’m … Continue Reading

After clearing my throat chakra of a message I’ve been choking on for months, I feel free to write. Inspired to write. Eager to write. All in an effort to help someone — I think I said “three” someones a couple of posts ago. It made perfect sense, then, to grab for my old journal … Continue Reading

Today would have been day 15 but she relapsed. My new friend, the one who asked me to help her stay sober got 15 days in and started her morning off with a drink. When I got the text I knew it was going to be all bad. “I been up since 3 am and … Continue Reading

There is nothing interesting about vitamins and minerals … well, here’s one small nugget of humor for you. I’m reminded of a time during my heavy meth addiction when my mom just couldn’t bring herself to say “Shari’s using, smoking, snorting…meth”. Instead she referred to my meth use as “taking supplements”. And I suppose I was … Continue Reading

On June 25, 2016, I will be hosting an event at 3rdSpace in University Heights for professionals from various disciplines to discuss the possibility of fusing holistic practices with traditional recovery model for treating addiction. This event is specifically for academia and professionals who are associated with treating addiction. If you know of anyone that might … Continue Reading