What I’m working on Now:

Staying sober.

Cultivating a humble and grateful spirit.

Living a purpose driven life with as few daily appearances from my “ego” as possible.

The Served Up Sober brand. This is my primary focus.

Eating clean.

Repairing my body.

Decluttering my life and preparing for my upcoming move.

Rediscovering my love for minimalism.

Developing an effective method for helping others — my truest passion in life. Remembering that I am not a crutch, a band aid or solution.

Guiding (dare I say training) and loving my puppy Maximus Graystone.

A golf game.

A ReadList.

Rereading: Conversations with God, Ishmael, The Slight Edge & Blink.

Completion, not perfection.


What I’m deliberately not working on:

Anything that suggests a love interest or relationship as this would take time away from what I’m working on Now. Maybe next year.

Inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now movement.