Served Up Sober from MADE by J. Curtis on Vimeo.


“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

When I decided to devote my passion to sharing the freedom I have found through sobriety, my challenge was how. How to share this story? Even now, its’ daunting. I’m afraid. Nervous. Who am I to influence your addictive behavior and habits? And do I really want to expose myself publicly?

The best lead by example and you can’t lead from the back of the crowd. This is my path, and despite my ego’s angst, deep down in my spirit it just feels right.

Served up Sober is a candid and sometimes dispassionate view on addiction, sobriety and recovery. It’s also about emotions: lack, doubt, fear.

To find sobriety, I begged my creator for deliverance and it came. In various forms and mediums, but mostly through people — gifted individuals who shared their gifts with me. They were (and still are) my guides.

Bit by bit, I’ve developed a regime that keeps me sober.

I’ll be sharing about any and all things that hijack our sobriety and block us from life’s blessings.

About Me:

I’m an Alchemist. Creator of the Vulnerable is the New Arrogant movement. My default setting is to be of service. I like to motivate and inspire others. My obsessive tendencies lead me to fuss over the details of most things. I need daily reminders to focus on completion, not perfection.

I’m sensitive, vulnerable and my thinking can be quite literal. On a perfect day catch me in my favorite fit: jeans, t-shirt and flip flops.

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