There is nothing interesting about vitamins and minerals … well, here’s one small nugget of humor for you. I’m reminded of a time during my heavy meth addiction when my mom just couldn’t bring herself to say “Shari’s using, smoking, snorting…meth”. Instead she referred to my meth use as “taking supplements”. And I suppose I was using drugs and alcohol to supplement and support my version of the truth and mask those fears and insecurities I couldn’t shake.

After 30 plus years of drinking and using I finally quit for good on Valentine’s Day, 2015. With the help of two spiritual guides Dr. William H. Grier and his wife Dr. Corrie Ort, I adopted a complete holistic approach to sobriety and detoxed on a raw diet and a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, herbs, edible macrofungi and a combination thereof. Although I divorced the raw diet after six grueling months, my supplement regime has stayed the course and my commitment rarely wavers.

If you’re ready to sober up from alcohol and drugs or have recently quit, think about this: your body is a toxic mess and you need more than will power to repair yourself.

This list of 8 is the group of supplements I used during the detox process and it makes up my primary daily supplement routine today.  Although you should conduct you’re own research to determine your exact deficiencies, if you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend this list to get you going:

1. Astragalus Supreme (supports deep immune function): 2 capsules three times daily.
2. Stamets 7 (daily immune support): 2 capsules daily.
3. St. John’s Wort (supports emotional health): 1 capsule three times daily. During the detox process my emotions were all over the place and I for one did not want to sooth myself with prescription meds. St. John’s did the trick for me. But here’s the thing: nothing is going to numb you out completely so don’t expect that. Once I started to feel better I dropped St. Johns from the starting line-up. For me, this supplement is taken on as needed basis.
4-5. Magnesium & Vitamin K2: 1 tablet each daily . These two supplements taken together help with leg and muscle cramps. I use to be a heavy meth user and walked around like a “rigid” penguin. This combination of vitamins soothes weary muscles.
6. Vitamin D3 10,000 IU: 1 sublingual tablets daily.
7. B12 Complex: 1 daily.
8. Vitamin C 1000mg: 1 capsule daily. For the first 7 days of my detox I took close to eight capsules a day and many studies have been done that support the benefits of high doses of vitamin C. For more information check out “Curing the Incurable” by Dr. Thomas E. Levy (link below).

Getting your supplement routine started is easy enough. You can purchase these eight at any reputable natural foods grocer. Also check the links below for additional information:

Lastly, I am not a doctor. This list  is what worked and continues to work for me. You may find a different combination of supplements that give you better results or decide on nothing at all and that’s fine. Simply put, take this experienced alcoholic’s opinion with a tiny grain of salt.

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