I’m on the last day of my “weekend without goals”. I woke up this morning and my stomach felt bloated. I’m forcing myself not to care. The goal was to exercise yesterday and this morning too. I didn’t. I should have been responsible with the money I’ve blown the past two days. Oh well. I’m on … Continue Reading

Raise your hand if you’ve never asked God to save you from drugs or alcohol. Right now. Raise it. Okay you’re excused. The rest of you, let’s give a huge sigh of annoyance and an intolerant eye roll for the Bible trumper, oops, my bad, thumper who points to their Bible and claims “it says right here that if you … Continue Reading

There is nothing interesting about vitamins and minerals … well, here’s one small nugget of humor for you. I’m reminded of a time during my heavy meth addiction when my mom just couldn’t bring herself to say “Shari’s using, smoking, snorting…meth”. Instead she referred to my meth use as “taking supplements”. And I suppose I was … Continue Reading

So this passenger wiggled past me during the boarding of this flight. And I knew the moment I sat down and saw her heading down the aisle that she would be my flight mate. Yep, sure enough here she comes. One second, now we all have to get adjusted. Passenger A, her (affectionately referred to as … Continue Reading