Remember completing the “Cost of Addiction” exercise in treatment? It’s definitely a favorite of recovery group leaders. Where you snatch the worksheet and scribble down all the money you wasted over the years on addiction. Oh, and poor choices, wrong moves, erratic behavior. Basically any and everything responsible for your monetary disasters. I use to worry over it all, … Continue Reading

Someone needs to read this. I can’t recall how many days I let slip away when I was using. Or better put, how many times I used a rainy day as an excuse to wallow in self pity and guilt and drink, drink, drink. My intolerance was so out of control. Any slight environmental shift … Continue Reading

It takes me a while to settle down to write. The whole blogging experience is new and so far it hasn’t gotten any easier. Seems the fear of being judged still shackles my freedom. But I’m learning. Here lately my desire to push the brand forward consumes my every thought. Like I understand that addiction is … Continue Reading

I was so excited to connect with and find my tribe that I shot a video about it. Check it out…  

It’s 5:44 a.m. and against all habitual urges to do “nothing until 7 a.m.,” I’ve rolled out of bed and arrived in the kitchen.  Here’s the routine: get up early drink lemon water meditate write for 30-40 minutes Let me pause and admit that this isn’t my daily routine. It’s the routine I established months … Continue Reading