Sound Healing for Sobriety: It’s a complete game changer…

Honestly, there are just so many traditional 12-step meetings you can go before you begin to feel a little burnt out. I mean seriously. It gets old after a while and then what? You still need to nurture your recovery, you still need to build community, you still need something to do to replace hours spent drinking and using … but HOW?

What we’ve done is create “meetings” that support recovery but also put you in a relaxed state, open your mind, and allow you to listen and observe your OWN thoughts, feelings and emotions. You’re joined by other sober or sober curious folks and the feeling of community + connection is powerful.

The basic premise of what we do is provide a peaceful space, stripped of judgement, where you can heal.

This is a sound healing meditation created specifically for the sober and sober curious. Relax and unwind with this peaceful music meditation journey with live music played on a variety of music instruments. Kerem will create harmonious layers of sound through unique instruments from around the world, nature elements and her voice to take you on a journey with the music. A beautiful way to soothe the nervous system for better sleep and gently shift your state to a more relaxed and centered place to help you move through life a little more gracefully. Please note: This is a laying down meditation. Padded mats and small pillows are provided for comfort.

Teacher Bio: Kerem has been a sound healer and group music making facilitator for over 5 years in San Diego with her business Beautiful Sounds. She creates improvisational healing soundscapes in support of a wide variety of workshops and retreats, and also teaches others how to make music for their own healing and relaxation, sharing simple approaches anyone can utilize to bring more harmony into their lives.

Date: Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

Time: 630PM – 730PM 

Location: 4133 Poplar St, San Diego, CA 92105

Cost: $20