This is the fourth installment of guided meditation with John which means we’ve been quarantining for four weeks now. Hope this track creates a calm and still space for you to find and generate inner peace. If you don’t yet have an outer space where you meditate … create one. A sanctuary, which doesn’t have to be big by the way, is a gift you deserve. A room, a desktop, an alter. It can be a tiny corner, with a small burning candle. It can be a kitchen table with a lowered light. Just give yourself somewhere special to chill out — even for just a few minutes and enjoy.

“Silver & Gold” continues our weekly series of jazz inspired guided meditation served up by John Ortiz. It’s meant to hold us over in these difficult times. And give us hope.

Sound bowl notes used:

D – Heart – compassion

A – Throat – communication

E – Third Eye – intuition

For optimal experience, listen with headphones.

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