On June 25, 2016, I hosted an event for professionals from various disciplines to discuss the benefits of fusing holistic practices with the traditional recovery model for addiction treatment.

Take a peek at the back story to the why in this video.

Self discovery, healing the body and nurturing the spirit encompass the truest form of healing — holistically.

And it shouldn’t just be for those who can afford it. It should be for all who need it.

Served Up Sober is committed to advancing holistic recovery for addiction treatment and supports those individuals who want to use holistic modalities to detox and develop a sober regimen.

To date, no person has been turned away and our team has paid for all expenses out of pocket. An expensive option.

So, we’ve created the Served Up Sober Scholarship Fund to help offset the costs of holistic recovery (raw detox, organic foods and various holistic modalities).

A portion of the proceeds raised through the sale of our products goes toward the Served Up Sober Scholarship Fund created to support our efforts.