TOPIC: PARTY OF ONE – Restorative Eating for Sobriety

Saturday, November 16th | 12pm – 2:00pm

Our restorative eating workshops focus on creating nutritional restorative meals with just a few simple ingredients. Coach Len is just pure love, and her non-judgmental approach to food and wellness is so refreshing. She understands the dynamics of change and the power we get when we learn how to nurture ourselves through food instead of beating ourselves up because of it.

In her next class “Party of One” she teaches how to pour into yourself with minimal prep time and a handful of flavorful ingredients for a meal that goes from oven to plate in 30 minutes. In this class you will learn: (1) The cooking method (technique) for making delicious full meals (2) Tips for making quick and easy go-to meals, even if you’re new to cooking for yourself (3) How to make magical meals with only 5 main ingredients!

Seating is limited in this class to 12 which means tickets must be pre-purchased to attend.