The Frustration of Being Social

Jason, my videographer and brand manager challenged me to get social. I was so frustrated that I shot this video. check it out…  

Making The Connection

I was so excited to connect with and find my tribe that I shot a video about it. Check it out…  

Honor Your Routine

It’s 5:44 a.m. and against all habitual urges to do “nothing until 7 a.m.,” I’ve rolled out of bed and arrived in the kitchen.  Here’s the routine: get up early drink lemon water meditate write for 30-40 minutes Let me pause and admit that this isn’t my daily routine. It’s the routine I established months … Continue Reading

A message from Dr.

One of the sad consequences of my addiction is the realization that I disappointed the ones I love. In their lifetime my mediocrity forced them to water down their aspirations for me. And two, whom I loved most, died before I ever “amounted to anything”. These two helplessly witnessed me kick the years of my … Continue Reading


Every day presents a wonderful opportunity. I know that now. But for years, prior to sobriety, I convinced myself that life without drugs and alcohol would be lackluster at best and to give up either or both would mean an immediate forfeit of all things fun and exciting. As if to say my life was … Continue Reading