8 Supplements That Helped Me Sober Up

There is nothing interesting about vitamins and minerals … well, here’s one small nugget of humor for you. I’m reminded of a time during my heavy meth addiction when my mom just couldn’t bring herself to say “Shari’s using, smoking, snorting…meth”. Instead she referred to my meth use as “taking supplements”. And I suppose I was … Continue Reading

I can’t die. I still have potential points.

So this passenger wiggled past me during the boarding of this flight. And I knew the moment I sat down and saw her heading down the aisle that she would be my flight mate. Yep, sure enough here she comes. One second, now we all have to get adjusted. Passenger A, her (affectionately referred to as … Continue Reading

What? It’s at the beach???

It takes me a while to settle down to write. The whole blogging experience is new and so far it hasn’t gotten any easier. Seems the fear of being judged still shackles my freedom. But I’m learning. Here lately my desire to push the brand forward consumes my every thought. Like I understand that addiction is … Continue Reading

We Speak The Same Language

Today I had the most unbelievable conversation with my ex. My ex-doctor. He heard about Served Up Sober and basically called to congratulate me on the site and the progress I’ve made. Said he’s most proud of me and thinks he might use me as an example with some of his patients. Really? Me?? I … Continue Reading

Intersecting The Traditional Recovery Model with Holistic Medicine

On June 25, 2016, I will be hosting an event at 3rdSpace in University Heights for professionals from various disciplines to discuss the possibility of fusing holistic practices with traditional recovery model for treating addiction. This event is specifically for academia and professionals who are associated with treating addiction. If you know of anyone that might … Continue Reading