Every day presents a wonderful opportunity. I know that now. But for years, prior to sobriety, I convinced myself that life without drugs and alcohol would be lackluster at best and to give up either or both would mean an immediate forfeit of all things fun and exciting. As if to say my life was … Continue Reading

the Nitty Gritty

When things begin to spiral downward in the months and days leading up to February 14, 2015, I was barely hanging on. The only reason I was still employed was because I worked for my stepfather, and even that teetered on the brink of disaster. I was in a 3:2 cycle where I binged three … Continue Reading

Start with the Basics

By the time I decided to quit drinking for good, my body had taken a beating. There was no part of me that wasn’t malfunctioning. NO part that hadn’t been affected by years of abuse. I knew I needed a complete overhaul, and I was ready — ready to feel better, look better, and be … Continue Reading

Vulnerable Is the New Arrogant.

After decades of masking my insecurities with artificial arrogance, what I know now is my best effort presents in the light of complete exposure. I might as well face the fact that I am not perfect. Not even close. After surviving most of 2015 without a drink I”m hard pressed to substantiate any good reason … Continue Reading